Stylish Designer Mens Jewelry

Whether you opt for a single beaded bracelet or a stack of them, a simple gold chain or multiple chains for a layered look, we always take into account your lifestyle and comfort level.

We couldn’t be happier to hear that men’s jewelry is back in vogue and we’re here for it. ID bracelets, chains, pendants, rings, earrings and even brooches are becoming more and more visible on men of all ages and backgrounds.

Stella Flame Mens Designer Jewelry Holds Its Value

Cavemen strung shells, ancient Egyptians stacked on gold, Greek warriors and later Roman troops often wore leather and metal cuffs into battle for spiritual and physical protection, British royalty hung heavy gold and silver chains around their necks and Indian Maharajahs draped themselves in natural pearls, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.

 Thanks to the influence of athlete’s, hip-hop and the film industry – men are spreading their jewelry wings and hopping on the adornment train in droves. And why not? Throughout history men have adorned themselves for protection, power and to attract a significant other.

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Mens FAQ

Besides cufflinks and watches, what other types of jewelry are appropriate for men?

Many types of jewelry are appropriate for men. Historically, men adorned themselves with a variety of jewelry to signal their status and wealth. The primary factors to take into consideration when choosing men's jewelry are lifestyle and profession. Balance and comfort level when it comes to purchasing and wearing men's jewelry are the key.

What length should a man’s chain be?

Chain and necklace lengths are a matter of preference. Generally speaking 22" is a good length for most men's neckpieces.

Do men wear pearls?

Historically, we know from centuries old portraiture that noblemen and maharajahs - among others - often draped themselves in multiple strands of pearls. Recently, with a little help from the entertainment and sport's worlds, pearls have been making an appearance on men from many walks of life. From full on strands, a single pearl knotted on a leather cord or a gold chain interspersed with pearls - men are gradually embracing this jewelry trend that features the only gem created by a living organism.

What type of rings can a man wear?

Men can wear all types of rings. From classic signets and wedding rings to pinky rings and more substantial statement rings worn on the index or middle finger, any ring is right if it feels right to you.

Are cufflinks in style?

With pandemic restrictions easing up, cufflinks are making a come-back as men and women return to in-person workplaces. For formal wear - gold, platinum or sterling silver cufflinks - sometimes embellished with gemstones or enamel - are a must and represent one of the most popular categories of men's jewelry in modern times.