A Timeless Statement Piece for Any Occasion

For those looking to make more of a statement via their rings, the Beauty and the Beast collection by Stella Flame encompasses many must-have options. These stunning rings are designed around a single, central gemstone and are further enhanced when flanked by opulent, jeweled-encrusted figures such as butterflies, frogs, scorpions, starfish, and octopus. With their unique style you are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Stella Flame’s Signet rings are timeless, classic pieces with a twist that easily can become future heirlooms. With our extensive collection encompassing everything from precious gemstones, Greek insignias, and  magical scarabs, you will surely find the perfect Signet ring for your personal style that also stands the test of time. 

On the lighter side, our Primrose and Posie Ring collections embody chic style and grace. Their stunning blend of precious metals and floral details make them the perfect fit for someone looking to enhance a jewelry collection embodying understated elegance.

Put A RIng On It - The Perfect Gift for Yourself And A Loved One

The Stella Flame Luxury Jewelry Collection’s rings offer our clients a luxurious way to accessorize and express their personal style. From everyday accessorizing to formal events, our designer rings provide the perfect way to show one's personality blending a sophisticated and modern take on opulence.

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Rings FAQ

Can you wear more than one ring on a finger at a time?

There's no rule when it comes to how many rings you can wear at once on a particular finger. Alot depends on your comfort level look-wise as well as comfort -wise. A good rule of thumb is to stack similar rings. Mixing metals and combining colors that work well together to achieve a cohesive look can make a wonderful statement and impression.

Are rings that span two or more fingers comfortable for daily wear?

Two and three finger rings can be very comfortable and not restrictive in any way as long as each shank of the ring fits each individual finger properly.

Rings that span more than one finger can be quite dramatic or delicate depending upon the design of the ring and scale is a consideration relative to the look you are going and the level of comfort that is achievable.

What’s a signet ring?

Signet rings have an incised or raised symbol, or series of words or letters and were created for use as a mark or "signature." Practically speaking, they served as a sign of authenticity in order to execute and seal documents. They originated with the pharaohs and are wildly popular as ornamental jewelry to this day.

What are pinky rings?

Pinky rings are generally small-scale rings worn on the pinky finger of either hand historically worn to denote the wearer's stature. Today pinky rings may signal the wearer's association with a specific professional or civic organization though they are more commonly worn purely for fashion.

How should a ring fit?

A ring should slide over the wearer's knuckle with a little bit of tension and feel comfortable around the base of the finger.