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Stella Flame Luxe Jewelry Collection will be your go to for meticulously crafted classic and on trend earrings that never go out of style. Take your look up a few notches and shop the best and most interesting earrings selection on-line and in our new, sleek, spacious Hamptons’ gallery located between Bobby Van’s and Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton.

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Earrings FAQ

Can you wear two different earrings at once?

The short answer is absolutely. Mismatched earrings are experiencing a real moment and can add more or less interest to your look depending on which types of earrings you pair together.

What are convertible earrings?

Convertible earrings are a single pair of earrings that can be worn multiple ways. The design and versatility usually justify the expense

Are hoops popular?

Hoops of all sizes are broadly popular. From understated huggie style earrings to oversized hoops there's a size to suit everyone.

What’s the best type of earring back?

Earring backs with a half "halo" above the center hole eliminate droopy earrings and prevent pulling on the earlobe.

Is it easy to find contemporary clip on earrings?

Clip on earrings with Omega backs can be found from time to time but are somewhat uncommon these days in an age when most women and men opt to have their ears pierced .