Our Jewelry

The Stella Flame Collection is handmade in our workshops in Istanbul by master bench jewelers. Centuries ago, Ottoman rulers drew the best jewelry makers and artisans to Constantinople (now Istanbul) from across the known world. Today, many of the descendants of those masters are producing exquisite jewelry for us, using the meticulous techniques developed over generations.

Our collection reflects a modern global sensibility, marrying a European fine jewelry aesthetic with Ottoman and Byzantine influences and craftsmanship. We use only precious metals and genuine natural gemstones sourced from all over the world. Every piece is entirely hand fabricated. We do not mass-produce our jewelry and each piece is one or few of a kind.

Stella's Inspirations





About Istanbul

“Istanbul has become my second home. I’m truly under its spell—its mystery and beauty are an endless source of inspiration. No other city in the world spans two continents and blends the East and the West in quite the same way.”

Why Jewelry

“I believe that jewelry is the most magical thing you can wear.  In a moment, it can elevate your mood, telegraph your attitude or send a message of love or longing. As the world’s oldest art form, it reflects our histories and cultures. It’s simply remarkable that something so small can be so powerful, so emotive and so empowering.”