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One Of A Kind Handmade Statement Pearl Necklace


Only 1 piece in stock!

All pearls are large 1.5-2.5cm Baroque and Semi Baroque Hi Quality, Matched for Size, Color, Shape and Luster. Ornamented with 18K Gold, Colored and White Diamonds


  • Tahitian Crab - 18K,Teal Blue and White Diamond 
  • South Sea Butterfly - 18K, Teal Blue and White Diamond
  • Tahitian Frog - 18K, White Diamond
  • Gold South Sea Seahorse - 18K, White Diamond
  • Tahitian Starfish - Blue Diamonds and White Diamond
  • South Sea Serpent - 18K, Black and White Diamond
  • Tahitian Lizard - 18K, Olive, Champagne, White Diamond
  • 18K Chain with 16 - F VS1/VS2 White Full Cut Diamonds 

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