The Stella Flame Fine Jewelry Collection is handmade in our workshops in Istanbul by master bench jewelers. Many of our expert artisans descend from families that have been creating exquisite fine jewelry for many generations. When the Ottoman Empire flourished, it drew the best jewelry makers and artisans to Constantinople (now Istanbul) from across the known world. Today, many of the descendants of those masters are producing exquisite jewelry for us, using the meticulous techniques developed hundreds of years ago. 

We do not mass-produce our jewelry and each piece is one or few of a kind. Because of the small studio environment in which our jewelry is created, production and order times can vary. We will do our best to accommodate any time frames you hope to meet.

As our jewelry is made by hand, there can be very slight variations in measurement; this is true of all high-end artisan fine jewelry. To learn more, see Sizing and Measurements and Jewelry FAQs below, or contact us with any questions. We want you to love your Stella Flame selections.



The works by Guest Jewelers offered on our website have been hand-fabricated by individual artists in studio settings around the world. We work very closely with each artist to ensure the highest craftsmanship and quality. Given the hand-made nature of the jewelry, subtle variations in detail and finish can occur. Stones and materials are hand-chosen by each artist based on the natural, untraditional and organic beauty they possess. To learn more about these artists, see their bios in our Gallery section or contact us.



We hope you love your Stella Flame Fine Jewelry and want you to enjoy wearing it for years to come. Here are some care tips to help ensure the longevity of your new treasure.

  • Store your pieces in the Stella Flame Jewelry pouch/box or guest designer packaging provided with your order. Keep your pieces away from extreme heat or moisture.
  • Apply perfume, hair spray or similar spray items before putting on your jewelry and be sure to allow time for fragrances and lotions to fully dry or absorbed. Avoid direct contact with beauty and fragrance products as these may change the finish on any piece of fine jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry before showering, exercising, and swimming. Avoid contact with salt water and chlorine.
  • Some of our jewelry is finished with a semi-matte texture, which tends to self-polish over time. Contact us should you need your piece refinished. Re-matting is available for a small fee.
  • For gold or silver jewelry without gemstones or with hard, durable gemstones like diamonds, gently clean with mild soap and warm water and a soft bristle toothbrush to remove any particles of dirt. Avoid chemical and electronic cleaners.
  • For gemstone jewelry set with soft or porous gemstones – such as emeralds, pearls, coral, turquoise, or opals—clean with a soft cloth. Avoid contact with water and chemical or sonic jewelry cleaners.



We want you to love wearing your unique Stella Flame treasure. Determining the perfect size for you is the first step in selecting jewelry you’ll treasure for years to come. 

Learn more about sizing of our rings, bracelets, chains and other jewelry below.


Stella Flame Rings

Dimensions and Scale

How We Measure:

  • Across the Face
  • Ring Height

The photos of your selected jewel as worn by our models will also help in understanding dimensions and scale.

Ring Sizing

As all our jewelry is hand made, we can create your ring in the fit that’s ideal for you.  Depending on your size and whether the item is in stock, this may be a special or custom order.

How to find your ring size:

  1. Use your own ring sizer or ask a local jeweler to size the finger on which you want to wear your Stella Flame ring.
  2. Have a local jeweler size a ring you already own that perfectly fits the finger on which you want to wear your Stella Flame ring.  Choose a ring that is similar in type to the Stella Flame ring you are buying, e.g., a statement ring of your own if that is the style you are choosing from our Collection.
  3. We will be happy to send you a simple ring sizer that you can use at home. Just call or email us here and be sure to provide your mailing address.

Have questions about sizing correctly? Email us or book a 15-minute video consultation with Stella here.



Stella Flame Cuffs And Bangles

Dimensions and Scale

Our cuffs and bangles are oval in shape (not round), designed to follow the contour of your wrist.

 How We Measure 

  • Width: This is width of the bracelet on your arm.
  • Inner Dimensions: This is the size of the bracelet. We generally measure the opening East-West/North-South. 

The photos of your selected jewel as worn by our models will also help in understanding dimensions and scale.


Bracelet Sizing

Our cuffs and bangles come in two stock sizes:

  • Small Fit Inner Dimensions: 2 3/16 inches x 1 ¾ inches.
  • Standard Fit Inner Dimensions: 2 7/16 inches x 2 inches

How to find your perfect fit in a bangle or cuff:

Using a cloth measuring tape or cut out strip of paper, create an oval around your wrist.  Find a comfortable fit, allowing for the amount of ease or “slip” you prefer. Consider where on your arm you will wear your bracelet—right at the wrist or an inch or two further up—and if you plan to stack your new piece with others you own. Then measure the inner dimensions of the oval and compare them to our stock sizes above.

If you would prefer a size other than our stock sizes, we are happy to make a custom piece for you.  To order, or for questions about sizing, contact us by phone or email, or schedule a video consultation with Stella here.


Stella Flame Link Bracelets

How We Measure:

  • Width: The width of the links
  • Length: The actual length of the bracelet (not wearable length).

How to find your perfect fit in a link bracelet:

Use a cloth tape measure and create an oval around your wrist.  Find a comfortable fit, allowing for the amount of ease or “slip” you prefer. Consider where on your arm you will wear your bracelet—right at the wrist or an inch or two further up—and if you plan to stack your new piece with others you own.

If you would prefer a size other than our stock sizes, we are happy to make a custom piece for you.  Contact us by phone or email, or schedule a video consultation with Stella here.


Please note: The length of our link bracelets can vary and is always indicated in the item description. Length is the actual length of the bracelet, not the wearable length. A 7-inch long bracelet may not fit someone with a 6 3/4 inch wrist, especially if the link is large. Please contact us with any questions--we want to help you choose the size that’s right for you.


Stella Flame Necklaces and Chains

 Guide to Necklace Lengths


 Jewelry FAQ

What differentiates your jewelry and how is it created?

All Stella Flame Jewelry is few or one of a kind, fabricated entirely by hand. Our pieces are design driven and individually created ensuring that the highest standards of production are met.

What is handmade jewelry and how does it differ from machine made pieces?

Handmade jewelry is crafted by a highly trained jewelry artisan. Each element is formed, assembled and finished by entirely by hand or with hand tools.  Every piece is therefore inherently unique and one of a kind.

In contrast, much fine jewelry today—including some well-known designer brands—is machine made, using a variety of techniques, including 3D printing and electroforming. These methods allow the economical mass production of large quantities of identical pieces.

What gives handmade jewelry its greater intrinsic value?

Artistry, creativity and emotion set handmade jewelry apart from machine made jewelry.

Handmade jewelry is labor intensive and carries the priceless imprint of the maker or makers. These slight differences in technique, setting style, texture application, etc. combine to create unique or limited edition treasures that cannot be replicated in a mass production setting. Additionally, handmade jewelry allows for customization and personalization that is inherently absent in mass-produced jewelry.

What metals do you use in your Collection?

All of our jewelry is made entirely from precious metals, including Sterling Silver and 24K/18K/14K Gold.  Some selected items—for example, the amulets in our StoryChains—can be ordered in 8K Gold.

Some of our jewelry is crafted in Vermeil, which is defined as Yellow Gold Plating Over Sterling Silver. By law, the base metal must be Sterling and the gold layer must be a minimum of 2.5 microns. Only Sterling, 14K and 18K Gold are used in Stella Flame Vermeil jewelry.

Most of our Sterling Silver jewelry is Rhodium Plated. Rhodium is a precious metal in the Platinum family and it is frequently used in luxury jewelry to add durability and prevent scratching.  We also use Rhodium finishing to add color, contrast, luster and “life” to the metal.

As our jewelry is completely hand made by artisans, our finishes are hand applied, so there can be some slight variation in the effect.  DARK Rhodium finishes can vary from rich charcoal to a deep stormy gray.  LIGHT Rhodium finishes have a soft, silvery appearance, ranging from dove to light gray. Our WHITE Rhodium finishes have a bright white glow, offering high contrast to yellow gold and dark rhodium accents. Some items can be ordered in your choice of finish, as noted on the description page for these particular pieces.

What gemstones are used in your Collection?

We use only genuine, natural mined gemstones (e.g., diamonds, sapphires) and fine quality organic gemstones (e.g., pearls, coral) in our jewelry.

Natural gemstones are created by nature without human intervention and mined from the earth.  We do not use lab-created gemstones or synthetic stones in our pieces.

Some gemstones, such as London Blue Topaz, are commonly enhanced to achieve their vivid color value. If a stone that is color enhanced, heat-treated or otherwise modified (beyond cutting and polishing) has been used in a particular piece it will be noted prior to purchase and on our Certificate of Authenticity. 

We also use “cultured” or ‘”farmed” freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea pearls in Stella Flame Jewelry. Cultured or farmed pearls are real pearls grown inside real, natural oysters in Japan, China, Australia, Tahiti, Indonesia, etc. They are produced by introducing an irritant into a mollusk, triggering production of a crystalline substance known as nacre. Nacre helps the mollusk to protect itself from the irritation. The nacre grows, layer upon layer, until eventually a pearl is formed. Nacre gives pearls their luster and is a critical determinant in their value.

Natural or “Wild” Pearls are created when the irritant is introduced purely by nature.  They are extremely rare (less than 1% of the market) and costly, so they are often sought for investment purposes by collectors.

Do you use ethically sourced gemstones in your jewelry?

To the greatest extent possible, we are committed to using ethically mined, fair trade gemstones in all of our work. Additionally, we work to promote and preserve the tradition of handmade jewelry making by supporting graduates of applied arts programs with a concentration in jewelry making.  We are very proud to have been included in the recent book BEJEWELED: The World of Ethical Jewelry by Kyle Roderick and published by Rizzoli (2019).

What does your Certificate of Authenticity ensure?

The Stella Flame Certificate of Authenticity ensures that your Stella Flame Fine Jewelry has been created to the highest industry standards. All materials are listed and a unique serial number has been assigned to your piece.  Every certificate is personally signed by Stella.



Interested in being a Stockist for the Stella Flame Fine Jewelry Collection? Please contact Stella at 347.480.8246 or at Stella@stellaflamegallery.com.