Designer Necklaces Handcrafted with Precision

Meaningful jewels are always in vogue and adornment with intent and symbolism has been popular since the beginning of time. Add some meaning to your neck game today with our one of a kind, customizable StoryChains or choose a handful of our “Charmed Life Amulets” with our signature elongated bale to tell your unique story.

Pearls are a specialty at Stella Flame Gallery and we feature curated selections of pendants and chains which incorporate South Sea, Tahitian and Golden Pearls. Build your necklace wardrobe around our large Stella Maris baroque pearl pendants enlivened with bejeweled creatures like starfish, crabs, stingrays and frogs or opt for our smaller, bejeweled Primrose Maris pendants with a delicate floral motif to signal your signature style.

Contemporary Designs with Timeless Elegance

Creating your individual look and finding the right balance of necklaces has never been easier and you can be confident that you’ll fall in love with Stella Flame’s Designer Necklaces, Pendants and Chains..

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Necklaces FAQ

How do you wear multiple necklaces?

Layering necklaces from longest to shortest and mixing metals and colors can create a seemingly effortless statement.

Can you wear chains that are different colors of gold at the same time?

Wearing different precious metals creates a casual and chic look and allows you to mix bracelet and ring colors as well. Yellow, White and Rose Golds look stunning together and you can create a dramatic look or a more subtle one depending on the scale of the necklaces you choose.

How do you connect chains?

The easiest way to connect chains is with a connector. Using a connector can help keep your chains tangle free.

What’s a Story Chain?

A Story Chain is a necklace composed of precious metals and gemstones designed by Stella Flame that features a series of amulets with symbols, letters or numbers that represent important people and events in the wearer's life.

Can you wear a fine jewelry necklace in a swimming pool?

Fine jewelry should be treated as such. Generally speaking salt and chlorinated waters, lotions, potions and fragrances should have very limited or no direct contact with fine jewelry.