Length: We generally recommend a 38-inch length; let us know if you’d prefer a different choice.

Amulet: Each amulet will always come in the shape shown: square, oval, round, rectangular, hexagonal. Mixing shapes, as Stella did, can add visual interest to your chain.

Pricing: StoryChain prices—for a chain in Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver or Two-Tone—start at $1715. The majority of amulets are priced between $245 and $310. (Amulets with extensive pave finishes—including the butterfly and initials— are priced higher.) Seven amulets is the minimum number for an all amulet chain. Bar pricing depends on the number of letters/symbols and the style of the bar. A 5-letter Vermeil or Sterling bar is priced at $745; in pave, the bar is priced at $1245. Included in the amulet and bar pricing: your choice of chain at 38 inches; a bezel-set gemstone of your choice (excluding Diamonds) on the reverse of each amulet; S-hook clasp; and all labor.

Amulet Order: We will suggest the placement and spacing to achieve the best results. If a specific amulet order is important to your story, let us know during your personal consultation.

Solid Gold: We are happy to create your StoryChain in 8K, 14K or 18K Solid Gold. Please discuss pricing during your consultation with Stella.

Custom Amulets: If there’s a specific motif or symbol that’s important to your story, Stella can custom design an amulet for you. Please inquire during your consultation.


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